Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping is a hand fabricated method of jewelry design and creation. It involves the use of tools to bind and twist wires together. Some of the basic techniques include twisting the wire, wrapping a wire bundle, crimping or flattening the wrap, scrolling, and shaping.

Butterfly Wire Beading Frames, by Tammy Honaman

Free Butterfly Wire Beading Frame Tutorial

Butterflies abound around here! Karen Parker’s Brick Stitching Nature book is filled with butterfly beading patterns and the collection, Wings and Things: Butterflies and Flutterbys, (which includes Karen’s book) is also chock-full of beadweaving patterns and instructions for beaded butterflies and beaded winged creatures. In looking over all the amazing beaded butterfly designs in the Wings…


3 Things You Can Learn By Making Wire Spirals

Looking at a lot of the beautiful wire jewelry I so admire, I notice a common motif in much of it: it's all built around wire spirals! My first adventures in wire jewelry making were all about learning how to make wire spirals, and now I understand why. When you master the technique of making…


Free Leather + Wire Necklace Project

Although it’s a new year, there’s one trend that we won’t be leaving behind with 2014! It’s clear that the leather jewelry trend is one that will carry into this new year and onward! In fact, my first jewelry project of 2015 was inspired by the combination of leather and wire. I haven’t worked with…


Why I Love Organic Wire Jewelry

Before I got bit by the bead bug, I wanted to learn how to make wire jewelry. I even had an amazing kit with a great book, a complete set of pliers, and four spools of wire in various gauges and metals. So what went wrong? I think I was really intimidated by the precision…


(Wire) Wrapping Your Holiday Gifts!

Ever since 1991, when my sister and I managed to talk our parents into letting us put up the holiday decorations over Thanksgiving weekend, I've been one of those people who breaks out the Christmas music a few weeks before Halloween. My 6-year-old loves it, my husband, not so much. So this year, I just…