59 years old

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My Bio

 I have been beading and jewelry making for a couple of years now.  I enjoy making polymer clay beads and doing wire work.

I have a grown family of 8 kids and a wonderful hubby who supports my bead addiction both emotionally and financially.  LOL.  Well, I also work as a paralegal too.

For the Secret Santa ears, you need to know that I do have allergy to nickel, as most do, but any other metal or plating is fine. The only color I don't wear or care for on me is pink, since I like Pam am a redhead.  :)   I have pierced ears but other than that I am game to anything.  I like classic, whimsical, big, little, and downright weird.  So pretty much anything goes!

For SSE 19 my challenge will be "holiday".  I know Christmas is coming up but I don't care what holiday you design around.  I love them all.  :)  Thanks.