My Bio

I've been beading for about 4 1/2 years, and I started working with polymer clay to make my own beads about 3 years ago. My previous crafty obsessions include quilting and building medieval-style doll houses and furnishings. I see a trend here - small pieces of fabric, small pieces of wood, small beads. I love beading the best. I enjoy learning and experimenting with new techniques.

I have an amazing (and wild and wacky) husband who proved to me that you CAN find love after age 50. He's my best critic and often gives me some excellent advice when I can't decide which beads to use in a project. And he doesn't mind at all that our former dining room is my beading studio. I have a stand at a local farmers market every Saturday during the warm weather months where I sell my jewelry.

I consider myself to be a happy person. My favorite color is purple and my favorite metal is silver. I like things that are different, unique, or exotic. I love all things Celtic, especially the music. I'm also a bookworm. Way back when I turned 40 I decided it's never too late to have a happy childhood - so I'm having it now. tee hee