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 DVHdesigns, custom lapidary source for jet mourning jewelry, beads & cabs in agate, Sonora Sunrise, upcycled vaseline, Fiestaware, & sea glass, bowlerite, & much more! I'm David V. Horste, an internationally recognized Lapidary Artist who works in all sorts of semi-precious gemstones; lapis lazuli, dinosaur bone, chatoyant cat's eye and tiger's eye, sunstone, moonstone, jasper, drusy quartz, rhodochrosite, chrysocolla, copper ore, petrified wood, kyanite, iolite, serpentine, and much more!  Known as a "rogue lapidary" for my upcycled use of fordite, bowling balls, Fiestaware, and hand made sea glass, my work has appeared in Lapidary Journal and Bead & Button Magazine.  I started cutting stones when I was 10 years old and have been a full time lapidary artist since 1992 with a specialty in larger, one of a kind, centerpiece and focal beads, along with some unique, free form cabochons.  I also have a focus on working in gemstone jet, reviving the Victorian tradition of genuine jet mourning jewelry to help the bereaved and provide grief relief.
While I generally doesn't do custom work, I do take suggestions, so please inquire if there's something you'd like to see me make. As time goes by I will be selling more of my rough rock & slabs that no longer speak to me, to make room in the studio for NEW rocks!  For links to my eBay & Etsy stores, as well as pics of my work and to find my blog, check out my website at www.DVHdesigns.com