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I'm a chainmaille lover and maker...not the I-should-be-holding-a-sword type but the gosh-that's-really-pretty type.

I learned silversmithing on the Navajo Reservation, but it was impractical to continue when I moved several years ago. Fortunately, I found that chainmaille satisfied my need to create beautiful jewelry in metals. Each piece requires both artistic expression and attention to detail. Because I make my own rings, I can create jewelry from a wide variety of materials (gold, gold-fill, copper, sterling silver, silver plate, annodized silver, and more). Also, this gives me the ability to incorporate many colors to create attractive designs, from the simple elegance of all sterling silver to fun and whimsical colors that other jewelry can’t match. For me, that's the fun of chainmaille.

My chainmaille blog (with a gallery, resources, jewelry descriptions, etc.) is

My Etsy site is