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 Hello to all!  I'm married,  Mom to 4, Step-Mom to 2, and Grammy to 3 (almost 4)  My Husband is a retired cop and he is wonderfully understanding and indulgent when it comes to my hobbies (obsessions).  I love to be outside...gardening, camping, going to the beach.  I despise cold weather and can't wait to move south!  I'm also an avid reader.  My absolute favorite author is Diana Gabaldon.  I also like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Jean Auel, Patricia Cornwell. 

I was a cross stitcher for over 30 years...until I found beading.  With cross stitch, I used the smallest evenweave and stitches possible, so it was natural for me to go immediately from stringing to beadweaving. 

I love seed beads especially.  All weaving stitches except for that crazy two needle right angle weave...yikes that drives me nuts.  I do have problems keeping my left and right straight on a regular basis...and then to have them keep switching?  Grrr.  Sadly, problems with my hands has made my working with them very difficult.  So, I figured I'd give myself a break and I have taken up crazy quilting.  Ha.  Not much of a break there!  But, it's something new to learn.  I can incorporate bead embroidery with regular embroidery stitches...and create something beautiful and fun. 

I've taught myself to crochet and needle tat.  Shuttle tatting is on my list of things to learn...but I need to find a teacher for that.  I've tried and tried to teach myself and I'm just not getting it!

I'm also teaching myself to draw Celtic knotwork.  I have 4 books that all teach different methods.  It's quite complicated at first, but I'm getting it!  I'd like to incorporate that into my bead weaving..but I don't want to just do amulet bags.  I'm still trying to come up with something unique.  My oldest son saw some of my drawings and told me he wants me to design his next tattoo.  How cool!  And what an honor! 

I'm looking forward to getting to know other beaders from around the world...there's just so much to learn...and everyone can be a teacher. 

Someday I want to visit Scotland, where my Mom is from.  I also want to see Stonehenge in England, and visit Australia and New Zealand.  I know that won't happen for a very long time (if ever), so I figure the next best thing to going there is to "meet" people who live there.  My Father's family was from Armenia.  But I doubt I'll meet any beaders from there on this forum.