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I'm a Chicago area business owner and artisan with a diverse background in fine-art and craft. I was born by my amazing mother into the arts which has remained my philosophy path. Fortunately I discovered my gift early on and have precious experience and training in ceramics, painting, photography, and jewelry. I consider myself a seasoned or mature artist whom offers fine quality and original ideas. You will see distinguishable originality in my own creative voice, and I assure you 100%- NEVER DO I FORGE COPIES OR STEAL OTHERS CONCEPTS. I find it entirely offensive that so many borrow other artists intellectual properties. In fact: I purposely avoid studying other artists work because I like keeping my ideas pure. The arts and crafts are richly spiritual when soulful people do it, or the arts are exploited when pretenders fake it.  I've lived  my life through the arts, I practice day in/day out and plan to extend my knowledge of life through the arts.  There's a lot of ubiquitous minutia and frankly 'trash' everywhere, so, I'm attempting to import my little slice of fine quality and love for the arts into the social networking e-commerce world. We learn, we evolve, we create and grow. I do it for the sake of art.  Key Words: Neo-vintage jewelry, handmade jewelry, Antiqued Brass, Vintage Filigree, Vintage brass, found crystals, antique glass, czech beads, swarovski crystals, leather, native couture, oil paint, canvas, panel, surreal, regionalism.

With my online business, I offer the lustrous antiqued brass I use in my own couture jewelry line! Each piece is hand selected for its quality, durability, usefulness and timeless beauty. I'm pretty darn picky so you can expect the best :)

There is much more to come so please ask for the specifics as I am building my shop I will keep your needs in mind.

http://brassologie.wordpress.com or