40 years old
Morgan Hill, CA

My Bio

I'm a 33 year old mom, wife, and Goddess. I've been beading since I was 12 years old in the cornfields of southern Ohio. It all started with some sewing thread and seeds back then, and I'm still at it!

Now I enjoy creating freeform pieces with an asymmetrical flair. When I started beading, I used only stones in my creations, which stemmed from my love of Geology. In recent years I've expanded my palette to include glass, metal, and handmade art beads.

I enjoy focusing my creative energy on bead stringing, and expanding my style along the way. It seems so many bead stringers move on to "real" jewelry art, including metalsmithing and stone cutting. While I admire those arts, for me, I choose to keep stringing, and exploring all the possibilities of beads!

I also belive that every woman is a Goddess and should be able to adorn herself as such!