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mum of two boys, two dogs, two birds, two fish!  Bead obsessed along with a passion for making things be it paper, card, wool, or fabric.


  • Aug 29, 2008
  • work space

     I feel so lucky, my hubby is building me a SHE-SHED !! So at last I will have a space I can make all my jewellery, look out into the garden, read all my bead magazines, and books. I think my hubby is glad to get all my stuff out of the house, no more stepping barefoot onto a bead, ouch!!

    No more will I have to spend an hour hunting for beads, that I know I have 'somewhere' ! It will be heaven, I am sooo excited..... and think of all that new space I will have in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room!!!!