My Bio

I live in the Netherlands, but originally I am from Latvia. My work is related with marketing and sales for an American company in East Europe, Africa and Middle East. So, I spend every day 8 hours at the computer chasing numbers.  For some time I was looking for a creative hobby- photography, drawing.   But then I received a present from one of our customers in Africa. It contains, guess what,  BEADS. And now I am a bead addict. I love this hobby, not cheap at all, and I hope that may be it will be possible to make some small business from it, but at the moment I  make happy my friends.


  • Mar 22, 2013
  • Gunadesign blog

    I set  Gunadesign blog and pages to pull together ideas about handmade fashion, arts and crafts. I hope to give  you encouragement and inspiration to make or support handmade articles and designers. Supporting independent designers directly fuels local economies and helps to maintain unique local crafts against unified impersonal mass production.

    Have a look and any suggestions are welcome