My Bio

I began Beading In August 2010 when I was pregnant with my first babySmile And Ever since I have become,well...Addicted. I have only been beading/Jewelry Designing for 8 months now and its become a great Passion of mine. Before I actually took action, I studied it for 2 years,Meaning I read books,researched online,watched numerous tutorials etc. It took me awhile to wrap my head around the concept of beading and when I Finally got it, I fell in Love. Right now Im creating alot of stringed pieces with chain,links,pendants etc. The Next areas Im looking to Conquer are Flat-Spiral Stitch,Multi-strand Pieces,Memory wire,Wire Wrapping Cabs,the "Bib" Necklace and cuffs working with flat back cabs and such. 

Eventually Iam looking to open up my own store on Etsy as well as sell at local fairs and maybe do a Jewelry Party, well Once I get my business plan down,Price my Jewelry and do lots more research Wink

As For me Personally, I currently Reside in San Diego County with my wonderful Fiance and my Beautiful Daughter,Both are my inspiration and Both encourage me and support me in my passion.