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Monson, Massachusetts

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i've been beading for close to forty years, but only started professionally a little over three years ago when someone walked up to me, complimented me on my bracelet, asked where i got it, asked how much, then asked to buy it. i was off and running!

i am happily married to my sweetheart; august of 2008 will be 23 years for us. we have three cats (down from a max of six), both love to read, enjoy movies, and chasing each other around. he's a major motorhead; i'm rapidly approaching the same level. i enjoy working on motorcycles, however; he's more into cars. we collect AMC eagles, and have ten or twelve of them, at least count (i think.)

beading not only puts money in my pocket, but it helps me cope with life, especially the loss of my mom in novembre 2007, and living with many health challenges. besides, i love to sit and look at my collection, and sometimes just run my hands through them for the sensual feeling i get. i'm glad that my passion finally came to me, even if it was a bit later in life than i'd like...