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Cool  Hello from mostly sunny California!  (Since I moved here from Minnesota 3 years ago, I rejoice almost every day for my new climate).  I tend to bounce sporadically from one sort of hobby to another.  I used to bead a lot (mostly stringing), then stopped after I moved here.  I started again about 2 years ago, briefly, and dabbled in bead weaving which I enjoyed very much but go discouraged because I kept breaking my thread.  lol  So I quit again after 2 or 3 months.  I'm back to beading at last.  I'm going to try some more bead weaving, I wish I could afford wire working, and metal working, these things look like they would take my skills up a notch and I love what people have done with it.  I'm a retired RN and live with my sweet, but noisy, Sun Conure named Hope, and my darling half yorkie named Blessing.  Hope likes to eat seed beads and it sure makes his droppings pretty but it's not allowed if I can help it.  Confused  He apparently wants to put his own 'twist' on beading.