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My Bio

I have been making jewelry since I was 13 years old.  I am mostly a self-taught jewelry artist.  I love to travel and have many beads from my trips.

I have recently become a Reiki Master, and I am happy to work with something that makes me and people happy.

My favorites are wirework and stringing.  I love to work leather into a necklace.  I have never had the patience for bead weaving, even though I have seen many wonderful beads made with various beading techniques.

Necklace Swap:

I like to wear wirework and stringing mostly. I also like beaded beads.  My favorite colors are: white, blue, brown, pink, black and red.  I can use long or short necklaces but not chokers.   No allergies.  I love gunmetal ad chains.  I love lampworked beads... I am sure I will end up experimenting with glass at some point.  I also like pearls and organic components.  I do not like plastic beads that much, but I have to say that there are pretty plastic and acrylic beads out there.  I bead with them because I do like to mix them with other beads, that way they do not look like plastic all that much.

Kris Kringle Swap

I just want to say (maybe you can imagine) that I am a bead junky.  I absolutely love beads.  I love almost any type of beads except plastics.  I love to bead with earth tones and pastels.  I love bone beads and lava rocks and chains.  I am using a lot of chains now in my designs.

I am organizing my bead stash... this is a job that never ends.  Hopefully someone can give me a magiv recipe or spell to cast and have them organize by themselves.  LOL!

I also work with polymer clay.  I use Sculpey III or Premo.  All the colors are useful and of course, black, white translucent and Ecru are the most used ones.

I would appreciate anything you send me, I just love giving and receiving, except for sweets of any kind since I cannot take them.  I can proudly say that I have not eaten them in over 5 years, don't need to and thanks God!  Cause they are bad for me.

Wsh List 

  1. Wires (brass, copper, etc.) all gauges
  2. Chains - preferably antique copper or brass, but any would be put to good use
  3. Copper and brass findings
  4. Sculpey White Antiquing Medium
  5. Silver Metallic Powder
  6. Alcohol Inks (primary colors and black)
  7. Metal Keys like skeleton keys, etc.
  8. Rubber or Clear Stamps with: Owls and/or Keys, locks, sprocket gears.
  9. I might keep on adding, since I always want things that I see in stores... I am a bead addict.. LOL

I am happy to be a part of this wonderful community.  I am already learning so much from all of you.