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My Bio

   My name is Laura Castano and I live in Western Massachusetts in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. I was lucky enough to be both  born and married into a diverse array of artists  - prize winning quilters, illustrators, cabinet makers musicians wood carvers etc.

  My favorite aunt taught me to knit when I was six or seven years old. After several years of knitting matching stocking hats for myself and Hans - my uncles pet dachshund - I branched out  and have been doing one sort of decorative arts or another for forty years. Twenty years ago a friend gave me an old pair of rosary pliers and since then no matter how many other projects I have going  I've been doing some form of jewelry making.

I've just begun to work towards  serious selling as opposed to  making pieces for myself and selling  the two or three dozen  things a  year to coworkers and friends. .