My Bio

I live on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands and work for SpaceX.  Love my job, love living in paradise and love all kinds of crafts.  LisaKwaj and Kris K lured me into beading and now it's an addiction!  Big Smile  Yippee, yet another expensive hobby!!!  haha  The big new thing in my life ... I'm a grandma now!!!  Life is good, God is great  :o)

I love the colors of the sea more than any others ~ blue, green, aqua, turquise, lime, purple.  Silver beads or charms and clear glass accents are a fav in any pieces too.  I really like a beachy or bohemian style (see favorite posts pics).  Anything that makes you think of sun, sand and sea is perfect!   I  also love earthy tones mixed with greens. Don't like plastic beads. This is all new to me so I'm thrilled with every piece I see.

I have pierced ears and I like shorter earrings that don't drop more than one inch and a half.  My bracelet size is 7 3/4'' and I prefer 20' - 22" necklaces.  No allergies.  Bead weaving, focal beads, stringing, sewing, chunky, delicate... it's all good  :o)

Challenges:  take your pick... 

Challenge:  beach ~ sun, sea and sand

Challenge:  dives with sharks  Cool

Challenge:  bohemian and blues

Challenge:  shades of autumn



Happy Beading!