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I have been beading for about 7 years now and have created many designs. The picture of my avatar is a set that I created for my daughter and the ring is my own actual idea; the bracelet is a similarity of another beaders design that I created. I am addicted to beading and just wish I had started at a much younger age in my life. 

At one time I was an owner of a needleworks shop in California, but beading was not a part of it. I did not realize the satisfaction one gets from beading and how gratifying a creation can make you feel.There are so many challenges in beadwork and I am still learning more each day. I do have a hard time reading "drawing" graphs and prefer actual photos to look at.

I suppose my favorite beading stitches are Brick Stitch and the Herringbone Stitch. I've tried many of the available stitches, but there are still others I want to try eventually, particularly Russian Spiral.

Recently, I had my beadwork on consignment at a local store for a short time and I removed it from the premises for reasons I will not disclose here, but it was good that I took my belongings out of that store when I did, because I discovered that two of my best bracelets were stolen and the owner refused to make restitution, going so far as to accuse me of "stealing,"  my own work. I would advise anyone who wants to put their beadwork in a shop to make sure it is locked up and an employee or owner has to open the case to show it to the customer. And, if you do remove it, perform an inventory with the owner. It is a sad world we live in and there are thieves everywhere.  But, while it is difficult to sell anything these days, I will just continue to create more beadwork and give it for gifts to family and friends and every once in awhile I will try to sell it at some of our local bizarres.

At this stage of my life I believe I have found the craft that makes me the happiest...beadwork. I have done it all from knitting, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint, plastic canvas, acrylics and other art mediums and working with seed beads is the joy of my life.