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My Bio

I started making beaded jewellery and bits and pieces back when I was in high school and I'd be mesmerised at all the pretty beads in the bead shops...I'd stand there for hours pouring over them not knowing where to start or what to buy.

Then one day I was staring longingly at a jar of glass beads and I wondered how they were made.

So I started researching the art of lampworking...and I got excited at the thought of creating a bead that no one else had made...the idea of someone wearing a little piece of art that I had created was overwhelming!

One thing lead to another and before I knew it I had purchased my starter kit and was sitting there too scared to light the torch! Once I had lit it though, I was hooked!

My beads reflect my personality, my mood at the time I was making them, and even the song I was listening to while sitting at the when you purchase something from me, you're getting a little piece of me as well! So look after me, I'm glass remember and glass breaks !

If you have a question to ask me, bead related or not I'd love to hear from you...feel free to email me at

much love