Glass Beads

Glass is the most varied in appearance of all the materials used to make beads. Glass beads can be clear and brilliantly transparent, reflecting the world around it; mysteriously transluscent, emanating a rich glow from within; or even as opaque as gemstones. Glass beads can be vibrantly colored, thanks to the addition of particular minerals like iron and cobalt or metallic oxides. The surface of glass beads can be shiny or matte and the glass bead itself can encase layers of color and pattern. Glass beads can be embellished and textured with ribbons of molten glass or they can be coated with lustrous metallic finishes. Glass beads can even be cut and faceted like precious metal stones. As ancient as glass beads are in origin, they continue to evolve and enrich today’s beaded jewelry designs. As you explore the world of glass beads, you will realize that no other man-made material will give you more ways to express your ideas for beautiful beaded jewelry!

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