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  • Lariat necklace Color of Earth

    This lariat is made from waxed cotton e-cord and decorated with crochet flowers and leaves made from waxed cotton cord and leather. The elements are decorated with beads and seed beads. It has warm colors of Earth- different shades of brown. The total length 120 cm. You can it use also as a rope with...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Gunadesign on Aug 6, 2013
    Filed under: necklace, seed beads, lariat, handmade, glass beads, leather cord, gunadesign, crochet flowers, waxed cotton cord, crochet leaves
  • "Terebridea" Russian Spiral Stitch PDF Beading Pattern

    "Terebridea" Russian Spiral Stitch PDF Beading Pattern This fun beading technique reminds me of the long spiraling sea shells you can find on the beach! Using the Russian spiral stitch, you can quickly and easily create your own stunning beaded necklace or bracelet! With over 35 high resolution...
    Posted to Reader Photos by SimpleBeadPatterns on Jul 16, 2013
    Filed under: seed beads, Russian stitch, Simple Bead Patterns, Beading Pattern, beading tutorial, russian spiral stitch, bugles, Bracelet Pattern, Bracelet Tutorial, Necklace Pattern, Necklace Tutorial, Wraparound
  • 'Serbert On A String' necklace

    Large lampwork beads (orange, blue, dark blue; made by a friend), size 11 seed beads (white-op, orange-transl, blue-transl) worked in even count peyote rope, elastic loop and lampwork bead closure. Lampwork beads held in place with small beads inserted inside. Design original --sjm. Part of bead display...
    Posted to Reader Photos by ottercat on Aug 20, 2012
    Filed under: necklace, seed beads, peyote rope, lampwork beads
  • "Forest Fringe"

    Seed beads and assorted small glass beads done up in fringe stitches using woodsy colors makes this necklace feel like you are wearing a leafy vine.
    Posted to Reader Photos by KathyM@138 on Apr 22, 2012
    Filed under: seed beads, fringe, beadweaving, earthy, 11/o seed beads, vine
  • "Ocean Blue" Peyote bracelet

    I created "Ocean Blue" with a mixture of deep blue, cobalt, purple, teal and silver seed beads in even peyote stitch. Then I embelished the bracelet with seed beads. The closure is snaps. ~DatzKatz If you would like to see more of my beadwork visit my FB page http://www.facebook.com/profile...
    Posted to Reader Photos by DatzKatz on Jun 28, 2011
    Filed under: seed beads, braclet, beadwork, One- Of -A- Kind, 11/0, 11/0 seed beads, hand made, 11/o seed beads
  • "Half Turquoise Half Teal" bead weave bracelet

    A bead weave bracelet I made using 11/0 and 6/0 matte seed beads. I added a Kokopelli charm for fun. Handmade by DatzKatz
    Posted to Reader Photos by DatzKatz on Jun 23, 2011
    Filed under: seed beads, turquoise, beadweaving, 11/0 seed beads, teal, bead bracelet, charm, 11/o seed beads, 0/6
  • "encarnation"

    The bracelet "Encarnacion" has been selected as one of the three editors’ choice winners in the pattern play challenge for Beadwork magazine. My design was created based on a ceiling of a cathedral in Granada, Spain. The pattern is bead embroidered onto leather. The bracelet is edged...
    Posted to Reader Photos by tamarascottdesigns on Nov 12, 2010
    Filed under: seed beads, leather, bugle beads, snaps, cube beads
  • 9 Lives 2010

    Black glass cat beads, #15 black and gold seed beads, gold toggle clasp. Right angle weave. I made this with my beloved cat Pandora in mind. She recently passed over to that giant cat tree in the sky and when I found these cat beads I thought of her immediately. I enjoyed using the right angle weave...
    Posted to Reader Photos by AnastaciaBR on Mar 8, 2010
    Filed under: glass, bracelet, beaded, bead, bead weaveing, seed beads, art glass, egyptian, beads, beadwork, cute, pretty, woven
  • 4 Cross Earrings

    Platinum Swarovski Pearls and Pacific Green Opal Crystals. Keep tension tight and the beads form a perfect circle for earrings.
    Posted to Reader Photos by The Hole Bead Shop on Jan 8, 2010
    Filed under: Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver, seed beads, pearls
  • a cup of coffee

    Pendant with agate
    Posted to Reader Photos by mamurasaki on Jan 1, 2010
    Filed under: Pendant, seed beads, nature, vintage
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