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  • shibori necklace " the black dress "

    Posted to Reader Photos by noodlebead on Oct 9, 2014
    Filed under: glass, necklace, jewelry, beaded, bead, sterling, Bezel, Swarovski, beaded necklace, Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver, seed beads, pearls, bead embroidery, black, onyx, beadwork, pearl, silver, Coral, bead work, handmade, neckllace, beaded jewelry, 4mm, Toho, 3mm, ribbon, glass beads, hand made, sead bead, necklace., gray grey, seed beeds, hand made necklace, 15/0, handcrafted, cabochon, swarovski pearls, handmade jewelry, grey, beadart jewelry, artjewelry, fabric, glass cabochon, silver clasp, silver beads, glass beads., miyuki beads, black stone, bead embroidery, dark silver, black ribbon, seed, seed bead jewelry, gray, black., silver line, handcrafted jewelry, seed-bead, Beadwoork, Jewlery, hand beaded necklace, artist jewelry, sead beads, SWAROVSKI crystals., bead embriodery, coral cabochon, bead embroidered, grey beads, swarovski crystals pearls, Bali, beading necklace, seed bead necklace, seedbeads, C-lon, beaded jewellery, Handmade necklace, artisan beaded jewellery, needlework, Silk ribbon, black beads, dark grey, Bali Silver clasp, shibori ribbon
  • paradise necklace beaded necklace

    Posted to Reader Photos by noodlebead on Aug 10, 2014
    Filed under: handmade flowers, handcrafted flowers, beaded flowers, necklace, jewelry, beaded, bead, Pendant, Swarovski, beaded necklace, gemstone, Swarovski Crystals, seed beads, japanese, crystal, green, tubular twist nedebele, delica seed beads, swarovski crystal, beadart, agate, pink, designs, flower, beaded stone, herringbone, art, pattern, artisan, spiral necklace, artcraft, neckllace, beaded bead, japanese seed beads, spiral, 11/0, Toho, Miyuki, Delica, patterns, seed bead, 11/0 seed beads, beaded balls, pinks, beaded beads, bead art, hand made, art craft, bead beads, semiprecious, bead art, sead bead, khaki, seed beeds, handmade beads, handmade beads, artbeads, hand made necklace, jewellery, 15/0, handcrafted, cabochon, bead netting, 11/o seed beads, handmade jewelry, beadart jewelry, beaded art, and flower beads, Pink Dragon Agate, beaded pendant, hand made flower, spiral rope, clasp, miyuki beads, tubular herringbone, seed beads spiral rope, seed, seed bead jewelry, toggle, 11/0 delicas, seed-bead, Jewlery, artist jewelry, Miyuki Japanese seed beads, beaded necklaces, hand crafted, sead beads, bead stitching, green beads, Hawaii, Tubular, bead jewelry, beading necklace, seed bead necklace, beaded jewellery, Miyuki Seed Beads, Jewelry-Making, green seed beads, Handmade necklace, artisan beaded jewellery, needlework, Tubular Necklace, necklace jewelry, Jewerly Making, MIYUKI Delicas, Beaded cabochron, seed beadad rope necklace, Agates, agathe stone, seed beadad necklace, pendant necklace, Beautiful
  • Sailboat Peyote Pendant Necklace

    Love sailing? This pendant necklace is for you! I have stitched the sailboat pendant using the Peyote stitch. Size 8 Toho beads were used in Teal and silver lined crystal. The chain is a Kumihimo with matching beads and strong magnetic clasp. The necklace measures 22-1/2" and the pendant is 1-3...
    Posted to Reader Photos by srosSuzanne on Apr 16, 2014
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, beaded, bead, Pendant, Peyote, beading, seed beads, delica seed beads, Toho, magnet, teal, crysta, ship, Kunihimo, statement, boat, sailboat
  • Santa Hat and Ornament Set

    Normal 0 0 1 49 282 2 1 346 11.0 0 0 0 Fun and festive, this simple Christmas necklace will dress up any outfit for your holiday parties. This is handmade with gold chain and wire, red, green, gold and clear seed beads, and handmade fimo santa hat charm and ornament beads. It is finished off with a gold...
    Posted to Reader Photos by swolfson on Dec 22, 2009
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, seed beads, Holiday Jewelry, Earrings, green, red, santa hat
  • Nature Inspired Chandelier Necklace

    Normal 0 0 1 37 211 1 1 259 11.0 0 0 0 Simple yet luxurious, this 18 inch gold chain necklace has green and blue accents placed just right to compliment each other. Made with seed beads, gold wire and a river shell triangular chandelier, this necklace is perfect to dress up any casual outfit! See more...
    Posted to Reader Photos by swolfson on Dec 22, 2009
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, bead, seed beads, nature, chandelier
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