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  • Black Agate & Copper Wire Wrap Pendant Necklace

    Absolutely gorgeous polished black agate with a lovely creamy matrix serves at the focal pendant for the black agate and copper necklace. This piece of agate is wonderfully cut and polished, with just a few hints of the original look of the stone prior to finishing around the outside of the piece. The...
    Posted to Reader Photos by ExoticTreasuresJewelry on Jun 14, 2013
    Filed under: jewelry, Pendant, wire wrap, copper, black, agate, jewellery, extender chain
  • Copper Mokume Gane Pendant Necklace

    Artisian crafted from a vintage cookie tin with a lovely floral pattern. Each piece was cut filed and sanded smooth. the pendant consists of a 2-1/2' main disk with a 1' center disk as the floower center. It is connected to the main disk with silverplated wire as the stamens. A bail was formed...
    Posted to Reader Photos by srosSuzanne on Dec 14, 2012
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, Pendant, Earrings, japanese, ocean, sea, shell, crafted, metalworking, poly clay, chinese sliding knot, artisian, sunset, copperm mokume gane, metalwork
  • corail de montagne

    Posted to Reader Photos by noodlebead on Dec 14, 2012
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  • Amethyst & Sterling Pendant

    This is the first pendant I tried to make after watching one of the Bootcamp videos. They are wonderfully easy to follow. This one is crafted by hand with square Sterling Silver wire and three genuine Amethyst round beads. It's about 2 1/2" long and goes really nicely with a Sterling Silver...
    Posted to Reader Photos by BrendaM@77 on Feb 11, 2012
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, Pendant, wire wrap, sterling, amethyst, gemstone, one of a kind, sterling silver, beads, wirework, wire work, hand wrapped, wire, freeform, purple, pendant. wire wrapped, pretty, silver, artisan silver, sterling silver wire, wire wrapped, unique, One- Of -A- Kind, handmade, romantic, handcraffed jewelry, wirewrapped, wire-wrapping, Silver Wire Wrapped Necklace, stunning, pendent, gems, gemstones, ooak, hand made, wire wrapped., statement jewelry, semi-precious, semiprecious, wirewrapping, free form, handmade pendant, pedant, hand made necklace, handcrafted, handmade jewelry, wirewrap, square wire, jewelry necklace beadwork bead embroidery jewelry embroidery, 925, unique design, semi precious, amethyst pendant, square, artistic wire, original design, silvery, for sale, wire jewelry, wire sculpture
  • Bermuda Blue Necklace

    Posted to Reader Photos by Smadar Grossman on Nov 11, 2010
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, Pendant, swarovski crystal rivoli, smadars treasure
  • Arabesque - Lapis and Silver Heart Pendant Necklace

    A silver and denim blue double heart hangs down. A blend of intense blue colour of dyed lapis gemstone chips on each side, along with metallic blue pearls. Strung on soft flex beading wire. Attached to a dark silver metal chain, with a toggle for closure. http://www.etsy.com/shop/shesacraftyone
    Posted to Reader Photos by ame@6 on Sep 28, 2010
    Filed under: necklace, etsy, jewelry, beaded, Pendant, pearl, silver, metal, shesacraftyone, lapis lazuli gemstone, ocean blue, metallic blue, double heart
  • Autumn Day

    Autumn Day features a wire wrapped ceramic circle pendant in a blend of colours such as light green, brown and rust.. Along for the ride is a brass butterfly charm. Wire wrapped and linked together are glossy light green Jade gemstones and shiny lacquer coated betel nut beads in a beautiful aqua teal...
    Posted to Reader Photos by ame@6 on Sep 13, 2010
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, beaded, Pendant, brass, wire wrapped, aqua teal, jade gemstone, betel nut, butterfly charm, ceramic, fall autumn, metal, light green, shesacraftyone
  • Copper Wire Basket Weave Trinket Box Pendant

    This woven box is very tiny! It is about the size of a Brazil nut, so I call it 'Nut" hehe. It can hold some baby teeth, or a pebble, string, lock of hair, or some tiny prescious something!
    Posted to Reader Photos by MaryTucker on May 11, 2010
    Filed under: necklace, jewelry, Pendant, mary, tucker, copper, wire, wrapped, wrapping, woven, weaving, lid, trinket, box, artisan
  • Beaded Bottle Cap Pendant Modern Coke

    Made from a recycled Coca Cola bottle cap from bottles produced in Mexico, this pendant is approximately 1.5 inches. Unlike traditional lipstick red coke caps, these are candy apple red and have a cursive print. The color is distinctive and pairs well with the blue green seed beads that grace the front...
    Posted to Reader Photos by ChristinesBeadworks on Dec 17, 2009
    Filed under: jewelry, beaded, Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, one of a kind, resin, seed beads
  • Beautiful Breezy

    This is my first attempt to creat a horse head in wire. Well actually my second. My first attempt was okay, but I have to admit I'm very pleased with the way Breezy turned out. She is in honor of my sister's horse Breezy that lived to be 30 years old. She is missed, and was very dearly loved...
    Posted to Reader Photos by 4HisGlory on Dec 14, 2009
    Filed under: jewelry, Pendant, wire wrap, Horse head.
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