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  • Beadwork (beadwoven) necklace Siara

    Garnet red preciosa chatons 8 mm bezeled with superduo's, 11/0 and 15/0 seedbeads and minidrops. I used 11/0 garnet delica's to connect the pieces.
    Posted to Reader Photos by Bianc Molen Designs on Feb 24, 2013
    Filed under: necklace, delicas, red, delica seed beads, beadwork, beadweaving, choker, handcraffed jewelry, Bead weaving, Delica, 11/0 seed beads, beadwoven, chaton, 15/0, handcrafted, bead woven, beadwoven necklace, Beadwoork, bead-woven, beaded necklaces, SuperDuo, Beadstitching, beadstitched, seed bead necklace, beaded jewellery, minidrops by miyuki, garnet color
  • Master the Art of Bead-weaving With Our New Free eBook

    There's no doubt that if you're reading this, you're someone who knows that there's a special kind of magic in bead weaving . I don't know how else to explain the feeling I get after sitting down with just a pile of beads, a needle, and some thread one minute, and then walking away...
    Posted to Daily Beading Blogs by Jennifer VanBenschoten on Sep 28, 2012
    Filed under: Gemstones, Peyote stitch, Beaded Beads, Bead Making, Brick Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, How To Bead, Seed Bead Patterns, Bead-weaving, Mixed Media Jewelry, Beaded Jewelry Design, Beadweaving, Beads, Jewelry Making, Beading Daily, Beaded Jewelry
  • Bead Embroidery "The White Enchantress" Bib Necklace

    The White Enchantress was handmade using sterling silver-plated filigree stampings and flowers in combination with clear white lucite flowers and leaves. Crystal AB Czech crystals and rhinestone button and clasp. Embellished with silver and white seed beads and freshwater pearls. Hope you like it! -...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Catherine Taylor on Sep 21, 2012
    Filed under: crystals, bead embroidery, lucite, white, beadweaving, stampings, filigree, Silver Plated, rhinestones, Freshwater, lucite flowers, lucite leaves, the white enchantress
  • "Forest Fringe"

    Seed beads and assorted small glass beads done up in fringe stitches using woodsy colors makes this necklace feel like you are wearing a leafy vine.
    Posted to Reader Photos by KathyM@138 on Apr 22, 2012
    Filed under: seed beads, fringe, beadweaving, earthy, 11/o seed beads, vine
  • Beaded necklace and ring, Natasa, Serbia

    Posted to Reader Photos by Mikalo on Apr 4, 2012
    Filed under: beaded necklace, beadweaving, glass beads
  • Do You Love Bead Embroidery? Here Are Five Free Patterns for Bead Embroidery!

    If you've ever seen the awesome and inspiring bead embroidery of artists like Sherry Serafini, you might have been inspired to try your hand at this particular beading technique. Unlike other types of off-loom beadweaving, bead embroidery is the stitching of seed beads to a fabric or felt-like backing...
    Posted to Daily Beading Blogs by Jennifer VanBenschoten on Nov 10, 2011
    Filed under: Bead Embroidery, Gemstones, Crystals, Beaded Beads, Bead Making, How To Bead, Seed Bead Patterns, Native American beadwork, Bead-weaving, Bead Crafts, Beaded Jewelry Design, Beadweaving, Beads, Jewelry Making
  • Art Nouveau Inspiration

    This necklace is my entry in the Art Scene Bead August Challenge, entered one day late because hurricane Irene knocked out my power for sevaral days. I made the polymer clay pendant using two art deco-art nouveau textures and stiched a spiral rope using two different combinations of seed beads and crystals...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Singing Cat Studio on Sep 1, 2011
    Filed under: one of a kind, black, beadweaving, gold, Gunmetal, Druks, mixed media, mother of pearl, sage green, art bead etsy, wire lace, art bead scene, green pewter, cyrstals, dark silver, seed beads spiral rope, hemitite
  • Beadwoven Bracelet Ribbon Lace

    This bracelet combines beadweaving with chain - there's a tutorial for it in my ArtFire shop, Jewelry Tales.
    Posted to Reader Photos by Cindy Daniel on Aug 29, 2011
    Filed under: beadweaving, chain, seed bead, tutorial, Jewelry Tales
  • Beaded bead necklace

    This is a necklace I made couple of months back. The pendant is a beaded bead from 'the art of beaded beads' by Jean Campbell I changed up the bead sizes including using 4mm crystals.
    Posted to Reader Photos by Chibabies6 on Jul 26, 2011
    Filed under: necklace, beadweaving, beaded bead, diamond stitch
  • "Half Turquoise Half Teal" bead weave bracelet

    A bead weave bracelet I made using 11/0 and 6/0 matte seed beads. I added a Kokopelli charm for fun. Handmade by DatzKatz
    Posted to Reader Photos by DatzKatz on Jun 23, 2011
    Filed under: seed beads, turquoise, beadweaving, 11/0 seed beads, teal, bead bracelet, charm, 11/o seed beads, 0/6
  • Azalea's Blooming

    Azaleas Blooming- The Azalea one of my favorite spring flower is in full bloom here in the south, The vibrant corals, pinks, whites & lavenders with a touch of iridescent ambers make up this pattern, The picot edging just finishes it off. A beautiful combinations of pink. Done in Even Count Peyote...
    Posted to Reader Photos by SusanJ@63 on Apr 21, 2010
    Filed under: flowers, bracelet, beaded, bead, Peyote, bead weaveing, one of a kind, beading, seed beads, delicas, cuff, beads, sujen, delica seed beads, beadwork, beadweaving, designs, One- Of -A- Kind, flower, bead work, pattern, azaleas, blooming
  • an old cameo remake, cabochon-style

    The cameo was an old pin, with the pin connector broken. It is not fine jewlery - just base metal, or maybe brass. I found it in a garage sale. I glued it to backing, because it had sharp edges on the back. The cabochon technique was worked around it. Using the cab technique is a wonderful to reclaim...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Annpace on Feb 22, 2010
    Filed under: brooch, beaded necklace, seed beads, Revamping jewellery, beadwork, beadweaving
  • Bead-weaving

    What is it about beads and bead weaving that speaks to us? The sparkle and brilliance of beads? Their array of colors and finishes? Or maybe it's the origins of beads and bead-weaving? Imagine what it takes to refine a stone to two millimeters of round perfection and then drill a hole through its...
    Posted to Topics by Admin on Nov 12, 2009
    Filed under: St. Petersburg stitch, St Petersburg stitch, beadweaving, tubular herringbone, bead weaving
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