Learn How to String Beads: 5 Free Patterns for Stringing Beads

Flip through the pages of any copy of Jewelry Stringing magazine, and you’ll see a wealth of color, texture, shape, and design, all achieved by stringing beads into magnificent beaded jewelry-making projects. Jewelry stringing is how many of us learned all about jewelry-making, and learning how to string beads is the perfect introduction to learning how to make handmade jewelry. Whether you love to string bracelet designs or beaded necklace designs, stringing beads is a relaxing way to create your own unique beaded jewelry designs. Jewelry stringing projects are as diverse as the artists who create them, and with just a couple of basic stringing jewelry techniques, you’ll find countless ways to indulge your creative need for making handmade jewelry. Start with this free eBook, filled with our favorite beading projects that will help you find the joy in stringing beads!

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Learn how to string beads the right way with these 5 FREE bead stringing patterns from Beading Daily.
Learn how to string beads the right way with these 5 FREE bead stringing patterns from Beading Daily.

Learning how to string beads is easier than you think.

The five free beading projects in this eBook include the basic beaded jewelry-making techniques, like crimping and basic wire jewelry skills and making wrapped loops. Use these free beaded jewelry projects to perfect your techniques and be inspired to create your own strung jewelry projects. Learn how to include mixed media jewelry supplies like silk ribbon, pre-made metal filigree components, chain, and handmade lampwork glass beads into your beading projects for fabulous and fashion-forward finished jewelry.

Learn how to string beads by mising wire-wrapping with stringing in this free project.

Mix Wire Wrapping with Stringing

Fleurs Noveau by Denise Yezbak Moore
You don’t necessarily need beading wire to string beads for a beaded necklace. Learning how to string beads can also include learning how to make basic wire wrapped loops. This striking mixed media necklace making project includes stringing beads on wire jewelry findings like head pins, as well as how to incorporate electric blue sari silk ribbon for a trendy but classic bead stringing project.

You'll love this FREE multi-strand bead stringing necklace project that uses a fun and easy knot at the center for a creative focal point!

Bead Knotted Necklace Project

Knot Me by Cody Westfall
Who says that beading has to be boring? This multi-strand bead stringing necklace project uses a fun and easy knot at the center for a creative focal point! String your glass beads and crystal pearls on regular bead stringing wire, then knot them gently in the center. Mixing beads with classic metal chain is a recipe for fashion-forward beaded necklace making projects.

Learn how to make a necklace with glass beads using the string beading technique from Beading Daily.

Make a Necklace with Glass Beads

Chinese Lanterns by Terri Wlaschin
Handmade lampwork glass beads are great for beading projects. Stringing lightweight glass seed beads perfectly balances the weight of the heavier handmade glass, and adds a delicate touch to this bead stringing project that’s perfect for beginners. No clasp needed for this stringing bead project – a handmade lampwork bead and a seed bead loop make the perfect closure.

Create a very artful look with this multi-strand bead stringing project from Beading Daily.

Multi-Strand Bead Stringing Tutorial

Mesdames Collier by Samantha Slater
Multi-strand bead stringing techniques take on a very artful look with this filigree and glass bead necklace. A delicate metal filigree centerpiece creates a base for several strands, and a delicate beaded dangle adds the perfect finishing touch. Suspended on delicate chain, this classic bib-style beaded necklace project includes a few lovely crystal pearls to enhance the look of the round, creamy glass beads.

Learn how to make this unique, ceramic beaded necklace project using bead stringing techniques from Beading Daily.

Ceramic Beaded Necklace Project

Sunflower by Lorelei Eurto
Beading is an art form at its finest, and this eclectic beaded necklace combines gemstone beads, glass beads, and mother-of-pearl beads to create a gallery-worthy beaded necklace. Combine basic bead stringing techniques like crimping with easy wire wrapped loops to use all of your beading skills in this fun beaded necklace project.

Best. Bead Stringing Tutorials. Ever.

Stringing beads doesn’t necessarily mean simply putting a few beads on a string—use these projects to look at color, composition, and balance in your jewelry-making projects.