4 Free Steampunk Jewelry Ideas

What is steampunk? It is a style that can be characterized as romantic yet edgy; industrial but artistic. It is the combination of your favorite science-fiction book and your favorite romance novel with equal parts metal and lace. This style of jewelry has captured the imagination of jewelry makers for the last few years now, and it’s not a trend that we see going away any time soon. If you’re interested in exploring the steampunk jewelry craze, download this eBook and begin a beading journey full of surprises. We’re happy to present 4 beautifully unique projects, all free! Whether you are new to making steampunk jewelry or are already a pro, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of jewelry projects from Beading Daily.
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Learn How to Make Steampunk Jewelry
how to make steampunk projects

In this free eBook, you will learn exactly what steampunk is and the origin of steampunk in the science-fiction world. You might feel intimidated at the thought of creating your own steampunk jewelry, but the style is really very easy to create. Part of the fun of creating your own steampunk jewelry is finding steampunk supplies—the beads, buttons, fabrics and decorative components that go into a steampunk jewelry pattern are as close as a trip to your local hardware store and a good dig through your bead stash.
You will love making steampunk jewelry that is sure to capture your creativity and imagination. Still feeling a little overwhelmed by steampunk? Relax! Let the bead artists here at Beading Daily take you on a steampunk jewelry journey and watch them create four beautiful steampunk projects. You can make steampunk jewelry with 4 favorite steampunk projects at your fingertips right now! Enhance your jewelry designs and boost your jewelry-making skills with tips on how to bead with unique materials.

This steampunk how-to tutorial will teach you how to make embellished buttons.

Make Mixed Media Buttons

Bead Embellished Buttons by Michelle Mach

First, Leslie Rogalski explains exactly what steampunk is, and tells us about its origins in the science-fiction world. One of the differences between it- and vintage-style is the more mechanical aspect of its elements, using pieces which once functioned rather than which were purely decorative. The exception would be fantasy charms and references, especially winged creatures such as angels and birds, which are characteristic of the Victorian times in general. Next, use your favorite vintage or funky fabrics to make your own bead embroidered buttons with Michelle Mach’s Bead Embellished Buttons. These bead embroidered buttons would make great clasps for a necklace or bracelet, too.

Use steampunk jewelry supplies to metalsmith this bracelet.

How to Metalsmith a Steampunk Bracelet

Multi-Metal and Cold-Connected bracelet by Helen Driggs

If you love using metal clay, Helen Driggs’ Multi-Metal and Cold-Connected bracelet project is a perfect example of the industrial side of steampunk jewelry. A beginner can easily create the circle units in this bracelet, but beware: making them becomes highly
addictive. Once you master the construction of the circles, you’ll want to vary them and take your jewelry further.

Learn how to make steampunk jewelry with this free tutorial to download.

How to Make a Steampunk Charm Bracelet

Sassy Sisters bracelet design by Jean Campbell

For a fun twist on jewelry, try Jean Campbell’s Sassy Sisters bracelet – it uses tiny keys, buttons and charms to create a personal statement bracelet. This bracelet celebrates the trio of women in the designer’s family. Because the photographs are so subtle, they will probably just look like small, organic patterns from far away, but the wearer will know she’s surrounded by the women who love her. Add your own special photos to charms or buttons to create a special jewelry keepsake.

Make a  steampunk style necklace!

DIY Steampunk Necklace

Funky Romance by Marlene Blessing

Create a graceful beaded necklace with Marlene Blessing’s Funky Romance from our very own Best of Stringing: Steampunk eBook. Skeleton keys, gears, industrial hardware, and other steampunk supplies make up incredible necklaces with a one-of-a-kind style. Learn jewelry-making techniques while getting insight on how to bead with jewelry designs to unlock your creative side!

Still wondering what steampunk jewelry is?

By now, most of you have at least heard the term “steampunk.” Coined in the 1980’s, the term refers to a genre of fantasy and science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery and Victorian-style decorative arts, circa nineteenth century. It’s a style that has an industrial edginess yet is romantic, which endears itself to many of us.
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