Right Angle Weave Instructions + 5 Free Right Angle Weave Patterns

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What is right-angle weave?

This is a love-it-or-hate-it-beading stitch in the beading world, but it definitely has its advantages when it comes to creating durable and beautiful beaded jewelry. The thread path is unique in that it goes in little circles as you work across each row or around in a tube. It’s this thread path that makes it such a strong and flexible bead-weaving stitch – you can even use it to create a right-angle weave beaded “fabric” that can be folded and stitched.


That thread path also gives the beading stitch more fluidity than other beading stitches making it an ultra-versatile stitch. Working in this stitch creates a beaded fabric that behaves a lot like a fabric woven with threads. It can be shaped easily without complicated increases and decreases in your stitching and it is just as easy to embellish for one-of-a-kind designs. This free eBook from Beading Daily will take you from the ordinary and refine your skills at this superhero of bead-weaving stitches so you can do just about anything with any kind of beads that you have handy!


Guide to right-angle weave


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Layer it, shape it, embellish it – whatever you do with right-angle weave beading, you’ll be one happy beader when you’re finished. When you find yourself in a bead-weaving emergency, call on this beading technique, the superhero of bead-weaving stitches, to save the day!


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Right-angle Weave Necklace

Royal Chains Lariat by Kelly Wiese


This graceful lariat is made by combining two simple chain techniques with square and peyote stitches. The fringe adds just the right amount of flair. The thread path also makes it perfect for securing multiple components in a beading project. Kelly Wiese's Royal Chains Lariat takes a few strands of chevron stitch and joins them together using woven beads for a beautiful and sturdy beaded necklace.


Right-angle Weave Bracelet

Vintage Charm by Amy Haftkowycz


Gracefully combine right-angle weave beaded beads with brass findings, beads, and chain to make a captivating neo-Victorian charm bracelet. The beading technique also makes beautiful and easy beaded beads. Learn how to make self-supporting right-angle weave beaded beads with this right-angle weave bracelet. Mixing the beaded beads with beaded dangles on a brass chain makes a beaded bracelet with a distinctive Victorian flair.


How to Right-angle Weave

Crazy for Copper by Shelley Nybakke


This elaborate-looking necklace is actually quite straightforward to make. It starts with a right-angle weave strip, and increases are added to make the strip ruffle. For a sensational bracelet, wrap the necklace twice around your wrist! Even though this necklace only uses one base row, it's a great way to practice that thread path. Bonus: you'll have a gorgeous copper and crystal beaded necklace when you're finished!

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Flat Right Angle Weave

Magic Carpet Bracelets by Margo C. Field


This right-angle weave bracelet is made with three sizes of seed beads, giving it a supple texture. The color gradations are formed by changing to each new color one bead size at a time, using the new color for a few rows at each bead size. While they may seem simple, the use of three different sizes of seed beads is kind of like a little test. By the time you’ve finished your bracelet, you’ll not only have a great understanding of the right-angle weave thread path, you’ll also know a little bit more about how to pull off a successful color gradation!


Two-needle Right-angle Weave

Diamond of Pearls Pendant by Trang Gordon


Now, if you're ready for a challenge, pick up two beading needles and make Trang Gordon's Diamond of Pearls Pendant. Use your favorite colors of sparking crystal beads, pearls, and seed beads to create this double layered pendant using two-needle right-angle weave! Double up two-needle right-angle weave to form this elegant two-layer, completely reversible diamond pendant.

Discover the versatility of this amazing stitch!

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For those of us who love to embellish the surface of our bead-weaving with fringe and accent beads, right-angle weave provides the perfect base for us to let our imaginations run wild. Make a quick and spectacular piece of beadwork by making a base of right-angle weave using two or three beads for each side of the unit, and then stitching a pearl, crystal or other glass bead in the center of each unit. It's easy and fast, and gives you spectacular results every single time. You can also make a strip using large pearls or crystals, and then weave seed beads around each larger bead for intricate-looking beaded jewelry.


If you're just learning the basics of right-angle weave, or even if you're looking for new ways to use this favorite bead-weaving stitch, there's no shortage of ideas out there. Take one look at these free patterns and you’ll see for yourself. Right-angle weave can be used to make playful, casual, classic, or elegant beaded jewelry using freshwater pearls, crystals, sequins, and cabochons!

Discover just how easy right-angle weave beading is to do with whatever beads you happen to have handy! Round beads, bicones, and seed beads all come together in a snap when you stitch them with this amazing stitch. Whenever you find yourself in that gotta-bead-right-now mood, this is a go-to bead-weaving stitch for instant gratification!

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