Wired and Stoned

I love semi-precious stones, and I came across this amazing mix in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  Been playing around with bead and wire crochet and this seemed like the perfect match. 

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CJ Bauschka

About CJ Bauschka

As a self taught bead weaving artist, I find my gratification through little tiny beads.  I love all the many techniques and stitches that allow my creative senses to flow.  In the past year I accomplished a goal in having one of my designs published.  In June 2010 I will have my 2nd publication.  And I'm now in the process of trying for a third.  I've been beading seriously for the past five years.  With the responsibility of a big family, beading is my refuge, other than God of course.  I have eight children and four Grandchildren.  So needless to say I'm busy.  I also have my Mom living with me.  The days come and go, but I try not to let them go by with out making or working on something.  I teach once a week at my local Hobby Lobby.   And offer many other opportunities for others to learn and have fun in this amazing world of beading.