Tibetan Agate Necklace with Complementary Gemstone Chain

I found this spectacular teardrop shaped Tibetan agate pendant at a rock shop in NY, and designed the link chain to perfectly complement its colors. The stone selected were wood agate rounds, (translucent brown, a lovely stone), white opal rectangles, Pietersite rounds, and pink peruvian opal rounds. Silver was added for the accent color. I like to play with color themes in my jewlery. This piece recently sold as a Christmas present for a mom in NY State.

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Haunted Fox Jewelry and Design

About Haunted Fox Jewelry and Design

Hello, everyone! I am brand new to this site, but not new to the beading world. I learned to bead 21 years ago, when my friend's mother taught me how to use a beading loom. For the rest, I am self-taught, having never had a formal lesson bayond those first instructive days. My greatest joy in this field has been challenging myself to try new styles. I have been told that my greatest ability lies with my use of color. I love designing a piece from scratch, and watching it unfold as I put the components together.

Beading and artwork have been lifelong loves of mine, but they are secondary to my true goal. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Guatemala, and my dedication is to poverty alleviation for the kind and lovign people of that amazing country.  I now use my small self-representing business to help pay my way through graduate school. When school is done, I intend to use the profits from my business to help support my development work in Central America.

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback I get on my work.