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The tender green grass growing from the frosted ground……Yay! Spring is finally here!

Go There Now

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About Anita Acharya

My fascination with beads and jewelry making started almost five years ago when my step daughter, Jahnavi would sit with me and make preety bracelets and anklets while I got my chemo treatments. Yes, it was then that I was first diagnosed with breat cancer. I couldn't wait to recover from my various treatments to start beading! When I was able to, I went to the local craft store and bought some essentials like basic tools, some findings and some beads. It was so much fun making and creating jewelry! Couple of months later after I had made a decent amount of pieces, I decided to take part in a  craft fair at a local high school. I sold quite a few pieces that day and the feedback I got from people encouraged me to persue making jewelry. At that time I had a 4 year old and a 2 year old and we moved from Wisconsin to California. 

A new chapter began in our lives...I got so busy getting settled into a new place, finding good schools for our kids that as much as I wanted to start beading again, I just didn't have the time. And almost a year after we moved to Calfornia, I started having health problems of and on. When my son started going to an elementary school, I found out that the school hosted a craft show before winter break. I dug out my bead stash, bought some new stuff and started beading again. I had a very favourable response and did so the next year too and then a year and a half ago got the news that