Patriotic Earrings in the Round

inspired by Alice Kharon's Season's Delights earrings in the MArch 2012 issue of Beadwork

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Creative Eclectica

About Creative Eclectica

Hi, my name is Shellie. I'm really, really, really addicted to beads. I refuse to join a 12-Step program. So I love beads but that's kinda obvious I think ;-) I've been beading for around 10 years. Dabbled a lot then got serious about it a couple of years ago. My personal taste in jewelry generally would be classified as eclectic. I like this and that and everything- goth type stuff to freshwater pearl type stuff, wire wrapped things, multi-strand, chunky, bright, sparkly (swarks and I get along REALLY well) and just about anything seed beady. My favorite colors are purple, turquoise/teal, silver and copper. I rarely go out in public without earrings in my ears. I love them sparkly and dangle-y. Some of my favorite pairs of earrings almost brush my shoulders. I like statement jewelry as well as slightly more subdued. My eclectic taste also shows in my jewelry design. I go all over the map. One week I'll spend with seed beads, another week i'll go chunky and funky......some day i want to learn how to use silver clay....and maybe fused glass. 100 lifetimes wouldn't be enough time for me to do everything I want to. As far as other areas of my life go I'm also a paper-crafter and gardner. I read when I'm not too tired, like there is no tomorrow. I have 4 kids ranging in age from 11 to 21.  I've been married for 21 years. I drive a truck ( i love my truck). Despite 4 kids, I've never owned a minivan :-) or any other "soccer mom" type vehicle. Someday my plan is to have my truck and my motorcycle and my convertible ALL at the same time. I love sci-fi/fantasy movies/tv, but I'm also a romantic. I'm an optimist at heart but sometimes my pessimistic side tries to escape. I mostly grew up in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan but have lived in Santa Cruz, CA; Newport News, VA; Ingleside, TX (it's on the north side of Corpus Christi Bay), Lemoore, CA; and now San Jose where i will spend the rest of my living days because my husband is on track to take over the family business from his mom. Okay, enough rambling from me. I need to get back to beading! AF3D1F51-9AF6-EACE-A9CD-D46B0F67F8A5 1.02.28