Orthoceras fossil Pendant

This is my first attempt at wrapping an object that wasn't drilled. I used Jasper and Hemitate as well.

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About Tamara

 My favourite colour  is green, darker shades, olive and Peridot, since it's my birthstone. 

I like earth tones and black. Amber is another favourite stone I like but that's due to my heritage.

I tend to lean towards natural gemstones and glass beads. I'm not a sparkly, shiny person so I tend to shy away from crystals, but they're showing up in my work more often now that I'm learning more.

I don't care for pinks, purples or bright blues. I wear black and tan to work, and jeans at home and stay away from pastels. I'm plain and simple, but my tastes are growing since I've been experimenting.

Bracelet, 7" - 7 1/2"  I like multistrand, single strand, okay anything really.

Necklace, 18"  or longer.... 'Y' style is my favourite or just a single wrapped stone or cluster type pendant idea.  I do like the 18" fit most because I wear alot of V or scoop neck tops and the necklace sits nicely in that bare spot.

Earrings, pierced, like them all, not too heavy though or too long.

Feel free to be creative, and do what you do best a change or different style are always a nice surprise.