Opal Dreams

Boulder Opal bead necklace with Boulder Opal pendant on handcrafted 14/20 gold filled wire station.

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Janice Lambson

About Janice Lambson

    I am a Monitor Technician at a local hospital here in Medford & also teach Basic Cardiac Rhythm Recognition. I love what I do & have had this career for 28+ years. I am currently a member of the Cardiac Care Committee & we are trying to implement best-practice standards on our units. I love effecting change for the better.

    I am an avid jewelry maker. I love working with wire, pearls & semi-precious gemstones. I started maing jewelry about 18 years ago thanks to my sister who introduced me to the genre. Big thanks to her!  I just had a studio built & am so glad I now have a wonderful space to let my creativity happen.