Gwendolyn’s Design Kaleidoscope Necklace – simple droplets

Another twist on my  "Kaleidoscope", this one is from simple yet stunning large oval beads. 

 It started with one piece and using up left over beads I had. Turned into a funky twist of designs for necklaces and bracelets – great raves from all who have seen them.  Now to photo edit and post to my etsy shop.  I am only doing a limited number of pieces and have yet to decide how to label them!?!?

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About Gwendolyn

 Hello All,   What to put into a Bio? I am a single mom of two great kids - both in school thank goodness!  

I only recently re-started beading WOW am I thrilled at doing it.  I love to be able to sit with my kids in the evening and still feel like I am doing somthing. I think I may be a bit ADD, as I always have to be fiddling and can not sit through a movie w/o doing somthing at the same time... drives my kids nuts! 

I also am an advid sewer, creater artists... I almost always SEE somthing new in somthing old... Recycling & reworking is my passion (for now).  I love the thrift stores - expecially when you get a big bag of old broken jewelry, and get to discover what is in it.  

I think one of my most creative endevers was making a beutiful ornate tablecloth into a dress for a friend... wish I would have taken pictures! grrrrr

After years of people asking me to make them things & my own creations I finally took the plunge and started a shop on ETSY.  they are great. I trully enjoy the freedom of creating w/o somone asking for specifics - I have a phobia that it will never be good enough... so I create and sell to whomever wants my pre-made things.  For me its less stressfull!