Graduated Color Peruvian Opal Necklace

6mm natural, undyed faceted Peruvian opal round beads were sorted by intensity of color, then strung with sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, and smoky quartz to make this double-strand necklace. I love Peruvian opal… the waters remind me of the colors of the Caribbean.

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Haunted Fox Jewelry and Design

About Haunted Fox Jewelry and Design

Hello, everyone! I am brand new to this site, but not new to the beading world. I learned to bead 21 years ago, when my friend's mother taught me how to use a beading loom. For the rest, I am self-taught, having never had a formal lesson bayond those first instructive days. My greatest joy in this field has been challenging myself to try new styles. I have been told that my greatest ability lies with my use of color. I love designing a piece from scratch, and watching it unfold as I put the components together.

Beading and artwork have been lifelong loves of mine, but they are secondary to my true goal. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Guatemala, and my dedication is to poverty alleviation for the kind and lovign people of that amazing country.  I now use my small self-representing business to help pay my way through graduate school. When school is done, I intend to use the profits from my business to help support my development work in Central America.

I greatly appreciate any and all feedback I get on my work.