Empress of China

Another experiment of beads on wire – this one had an Oriental look about it, hence the name.  And I finally found a way to use my old cloisonne beads.

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About TFDelta

My beading hobby started simply: I needed to come up with a Christmas project for my son's grammar school holiday fundraiser and accidentally created my first beaded wire ornament with some materials I had in my miscellaneous craft stash.  The first dozen I made sold in less than an hour.  The 2nd dozen in less time than that.  I then experimented with different designs and styles over the years, finally designing smaller pieces for jewelry as I kept noticing the women who bought these huge ornaments during the holiday boutiques kept showing up with their ornaments hung around their necks.

I currently sell my ornaments and "evolved" ornament jewelry at 4 California stores, Etsy, and various craft fairs and holiday boutiques throughout the year and hope to have a business web site soon. 

You can check my latest designs on Etsy.com and my facebook fan page:



Enjoy and remember: necessity is the mother of invention (it definitely was in my case)...