Designs by Jaycee, stitched by HDChiky

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Lojuana Marlow

About Lojuana Marlow

My name is Lojuana (pronounced Lawana). I am a divorced 62 year old that has been working at the same (famous insurance) company for almost 43 years. I have 2 daughters, thankfully grown and gone from home, two granchildren, one boy 3, one girl 8 - love them both! I ride my own Harley Davidson motorcycle when weather permits. I do have a BF of 7 years (prefer to keep it that way for now). I got in to beading about one year ago.  I went to a Ladies of Harley supper and one of the girls offered to teach anyone interested in making a covered Christmas ornament (a fairly simple one). I went, loved it, and now I confess... I AM ADDICTED TO BEADS! My most favorite beading is Peyote. I live in Birminigham, Al and I belong to the Greater Birmingham Bead Society here in Birmingham, lots of other women with the same addiction I have.  I really enjoy the Beading Daily forum. Someday I will post pics of some of my stuff.