Deirdre’s St Patty’s Day Necklace

I made this necklace for my cousin Deirdre (a very talented photographer who shot the lovely picture of it!!) to wear while hosting our tradition St. Patrick's Day post-parade party.

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About MysticPesto

Moira McEvoy IS Mystic Pesto. 

Mystic Pesto started as a bit of a joke screen name, and soon evolved into my jewelry making persona. My motto, "Sparkle a little bit every day" came from some advice from my late grandmother. She always said "After 30, you should never leave the house without lipstick, and after 40, you should sparkle a little bit."

Well, I'm not 40 yet - I'm dangerously close to 40, mind you, but if there's one thing I love it's sparkle!!!


For challenges, my favorite shades are blues, greens, and purples, and I'm find with any kind of metal - gold, silver, copper, brass, plated, etc. I LOVE wire wrapping and art glass, Swarovski crystal and dichroic glass, lots of chain or chain mail. I love little beading tricks and unusual designs!

Earrings: I love long long earrings ... I've been known to make and wear chain earrings that were 7-8" long!!! I have very long hair so I can sort of get away with them!! I can use almost any kind of earwires, but I find studs very uncomfortable, especially when I'm on the phone!

SSE Challenges:

Round 17 - Sparkle (I got this up late so I made it a general one and whoever draws me doesn't have to stick to it!)
Round 18 - Magic
Round 19 - Fire
Round 20 - Peacock
Round 21 - Klimt (here are some examples of his artwork: Klimt Google Search)
Round 22 - Celtic

Necklaces: I don't find chokers very comfortable, so I prefer princess length (16") necklaces or longer ... I love opera length necklaces also!! It's hard to go wrong!!! 

Bracelets: I usually wear 4 patterned wire bracelets that I made, but I like a nice netted cuff bracelet, and perhaps more bangles. My wrist size is 7 1/2".

Rings: size 8-10 (depending upon which finger I'm wearing them on!!) and I LOVE wire wrapping, so rings are a lot of fun!!!

Christmas/Birthday wishlist: 

(please don't feel bound to try to get everything on this list, LOL ... I'm trying to leave gifters a lot of room for flexibility by including a wide variety of things that would make me happy.)

Jump Rings: I never seem to have enough of them. Any size and thickness will do, I'll always find a weave for them. The ones I use most often are 18g 6mm outer diameter, but there are tons of weaves I want to try with different sizes so surprise me! Base metals are just fine, for this: copper, brass, silver and gold plate, gunmetal ... whatever floats your boat.

Wire: this can be pretty much any material - copper, brass, nickel silver, what have you, but I prefer metallic finishes to colored ones. I'd prefer mostly dead soft, but I can use half-hard for many things also. My preferred gauges are 18, 20, and 28.

Focal components: These can be glass, semi-precious, plated or base metals - surprise me. I particularly like them in sets, and most often in earring/necklace sets (like a pair of dangles with a coordinating pendant)

Beads: You can never go wrong with Swarovski. Even a little bag of 4mm bicones is sure to be a hit, but a couple of big focal ones would be awesome. I love the undrilled Rivoli's also, for wire wrapping. Another big addiction is Dichroic glass - I don't care if it's a bead, a cabochon, or a pendant, but nothing makes me "ooh" and "aaah" like dichro. I'd also love a nice lampwork focal or two.

Pandora: I'm still on the lookout for beaded beads or pandora charms that will fit around a 4mm chain. Anything that goes toward my Beading Daily bracelet will be appreciated. The chain itself will be in sterling silver, but I enjoy the textures of mixed metals so use whatever moves you. I love the variety that comes from the beaded beads, also, and I don't have the talent for beadweaving that so many BD members have, so I'd love to be able to showcase your work!