Cuff style bracelet with CZ

One of a kind cuff style bracelet created with gold like synthetic thread, hot pink satin cord in a textured romb stitch. This bracelet is embedded with sterling silver balls, colored and CZ (Cubic Zirconia) crystals.

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About Mimi

MadLook was created 10 years ago by my mother, Mariana Ion Xidarakou. She is by far the most talented and creative person I know. She has an extensive background in the jewelry industry with credentials such as: Certified Gemologist Appraiser, a Fine Jewelry Designer and an Artisan Jeweler. In other words, she knows what she’s doing!
Through out the years, I have seen her work evolve and become better and better and I decided to take interest in it myself. So here we are today, a mother daughter team constantly working to better ourselves.  We have put many years of thought into each and every style MadLook has to offer. Our style is from everywhere and anywhere, since we have traveled back and forth between the countries we call home: Greece, Romania and the Unite States.
    Our ingredients are simple but our recipes call for a complex and original way of thinking. The architecture behind each design has been carefully studied and brought to life using a variety of beads, colors, threads, fibers, textures, knotting techniques and silver (Our silver, by the way, is 925 sterling silver, for those who know their stuff!). Our pieces can take as little as 2 hours to create and as long a couple of days, depending on the complexity and technique that is demanded for the piece to be created. Each piece has a different way of being made, thus creating a different look. We love playing with colors to give our art character, power and beauty. Also, all the findings are specifically designed, by us, to fit this line.
We believe that jewelry must not only look attractive but must also move well, feel comfortable and be easy to carry. Our pieces are soft but sturdy, pliable, snug free, washable (!), tailored to comfort-fit and from our own experience we know that the more you wear your pieces, the more they adjust and fit the shape of your own body.
Our ultimate goal and mission is to reach today’s’ modern woman and show her a new direction in the pursuit of personal style ad the confidence of expression. We have put our passion, heart and dedication into this line and we believe that it truly shows through our work.

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