Beaded accesories | Hair Stick

Two of my beaded plumeria flowers, handmade using hundreds
of tiny opaque bright white and carnation pink glass beads.

Attached to a dark wood 6-inch hair stick
embellished with a sparkly pink Austrian crystal.

beaded flower pattern and photos © 2010 Heart in Hawaii

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About heartinhawaii


Hi! My name is Laura. I am a third generation artisan currently living near Denver, CO.

I design and make heirloom quality beaded tropical flowers.
I also make jewelry and accessories using beadweaving and wirework.

♥ I left my heart in Hawaii... ♥
After visiting Hawaii I was forever changed. I have been strongly influenced by the incredible beauty and allure of these enchanting islands and their wonderful people and aloha spirit. I have great passion and respect for all things Hawaiian, and love reading about Hawaiian and Polynesian history, mythology and culture.

April, 2010  beading daily flower feature

April, 2012 beading daily wedding jewelry feature