Ammonite Challenge #1

This was a challenge from a friend to capture an intact, undrilled ammonite fossil.  This is the first of two attempts, and I decided to add my interpretation of the body of the critter as well.  At some point this will probably become a necklace.

To see more of my work, and more pictures of this piece, please visit my Facebook Page.  Thanks for looking – Lindsay


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About chameleon0891

Hello!  My name is Lindsay, 29, and I've been beading for almost 20 years.  It all started in 4th grade, with our teacher deciding that the class should make bracelets as Mother's Day presents.  I made money off of the little boys in class, by finishing their projects for them.  This fed my entrepreneurial spirit (trust me, this was only the latest of my money making schemes), and I've continue to collect and create with beads ever since.  Thank you, Clara Jo Minnick, one of my mom's friends, an amazing beader, and my first bead mentor.  Primarily, I am a beadworker - that all started with directions to make a small brick stitch amulet pouch from Threads magazine when I was in highschool, now  I use most stitches.  I also enjoy stringing, metal stamping, simple wirework, knotting, and other techniques. 

I grew up in Anchorage, AK - moved to Oregon to finish school - college in Southern Oregon (costume crafts and design)- and I'm now living and working in Knoxville TN. 

Usually, my inspirations are found in nature.  I love insects, sea life, the elements.... and many more things I can't think of right now.


Finished Jewelry Swap Preferences

Favorite colors:  Jewel tones, and bright colors.  I like all colors, but the only ones I don't wear are khaki/olive and lemon yellow - they make my skin look green.

Allergies: I usually stick to gold-filled or niobium, but I can get away with sterling for a few days.  I mostly wear earwires, because posts irritate my holes.  

Favorite metals:  I like most metals, though I shy away from bright Plated silver and gold.  No objection to sterling, gold-filled, vermeil, copper, brass....

Earrings:  I usually wear medium length earrings, though I like larger ones if they're light weight. 

Bracelets:  Any style is fine, length 7-7.5 inches

Necklaces:  Usually 18 inches or longer is best.

Materials:  No Plastic!  Though I do like vintage lucite for earrings - that's about the only plastic that I get into.  I LOVE glass!  Especially dichro, czech pressed into unusual shapes, and japanese seed beads.  I also like porcelain, pewter, pearl, and high quality wood beads.  I'm not a huge fan of working with crystal or stone but I love to wear other people's creations.