7 FREE Peyote Stitch Beading Patterns

Peyote stitch is not the easiest beading stitch to learn, but many will agree that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked! There are so many beading designs out there, it seems like we’ll never run out of ways to change up this stitch and create amazing beadwork. Beading Daily has assembled a new collection – and included a few old favorites – of peyote patterns just for our Beading Daily readers. The collection includes 7 free projects that show off the versatility and how creative you can get with this age-old off-loom bead-weaving stitch. These top-quality designs are sure to inspire your creative spirit to start a new peyote bracelet or necklace today!
As an added bonus to our free projects; if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to read and follow a charted peyote pattern, you’re not alone. We’ve included a couple of our favorite Beading Daily blogs all about ways to mark your place in your peyote patterns and how to interpret a peyote graph for making beautiful beaded jewelry!
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Free Peyote Projects from Beading Daily
Free peyote stitch beading patterns

Here’s what you’ll find inside.

This eBook is a way to expand your peyote stitch skills, learn some new bead stitching tricks, and come away with a whole wardrobe of beautiful beaded jewelry. After making a few of these free beading projects, we think you’ll understand why beaders around the world love peyote stitch!
Alongside the 7 free peyote stitch patterns (shown below), we also included information about how to mark your place in a peyote stitch pattern and how to interpret those peyote stitch patterns for making beautiful beaded jewelry! Enter your email, download the free eBook and enjoy the peyote stitch!

DIY beaded ring peyote stitch

DIY Beaded Rings

Finger Food by Leslie Rogalski

A simple band doesn’t have to be simple at all when you add a striking, graphic pattern and your favorite colors, like in Leslie Rogalski’s Finger Food peyote stitched rings. This project is ideal for beginners who want to learn this popular stitch. Regular fans of this bead-weaving technique will find this pattern to be instant gratification. These work up so fast that you’ll be making them in every color to match your favorite outfits!

Tubular beaded bracelet with peyote stitch

Make a Tubular Beaded Bracelet

Confetti Spiral by Marilyn T. Aronson

Tubular peyote stitch gets fancy when you change up the beads in each round. Marilyn T. Aronson’s Confetti Spiral looks like you made lots of complicated increases and decreases throughout this colorful peyote rope, but just using different sizes of seed beads is what creates the ins and outs of this bracelet. Create your own fiesta using vivid, bold colors in a Dutch spiral, where simply changing bead sizes in tubular peyote creates a dynamic twist effect. Once you get the hang of the spiraling stitches, you’ll have a samba of a bracelet on your wrist in no time!

DIY beaded necklace peyote stitch

Flat Circular Peyote Stitch Necklace Project

Pearly Mosaic by Lisa Kan

Mosaic tile work inspired this necklace in colors chosen to mimic the sea. By utilizing both transparent and opaque Japanese seed beads in two sizes, 15° and 11°, Lisa added subtle textural interest to the design. Instead of increasing stitches, one and two drop is used to expand the ring uniformly. Although made in the same pattern, the rings have alternating colors and connecting them in a particular sequence adds a sense of controlled randomness and movement. The pearl clasp closure provides a seamless connection and is modeled after a ball and socket concept. You’ll find yourself loving the soothing rhythm of flat, circular peyote stitch as you work up a series of components with your favorite seed beads to assemble into a stunning necklace.

Get free peyote patterns here!

DIY Jewelry Findings: Beaded Clasps

Playful Clasps by Melinda Barta

Finish your next project with this easily customizable toggle clasp. Not only are the gold collars fun to play with because they slide around the toggle ring, but they also help hold the toggle bar in place when worn. Enjoy the best of both tubular and circular peyote stitch with Melinda Barta’s Playful Clasps. These easy-to-make clasps let you create a whole range of beaded jewelry design possibilities, including options for those with sensitivities to metals.

DIY beaded earrings peyote stitch

How to Make Beaded Earrings with Flat Peyote Stitch

Summer Bird House Earrings by Judi Wood

Try your hand at some fun-shaped earrings with a pair of Judi Wood’s Summer Bird House Earrings. These delicate little earrings work up fast while teaching you how to achieve lines and shapes.

DIY beaded necklace peyote stitch

Make a Beaded Necklace

Dragonfly Gingko Necklace by Barbara Ellis

For a more challenging shaped project; make Barbara Ellis’ Dragonfly Gingko Necklace. Combine a striking shaped stitch pendant with other favorite beading stitches to create a piece of artistic beaded jewelry for any occasion!

DIY beaded bracelet pirate peyote stitch

Beaded Pirate Bracelet Pattern

Pirate’s Plunder by Dustin Wedekind

Use a mixture of seed-bead soup to brick-stitch an arched window that forms the clasp for a skull-faced lampworked button to peek through. Connect the window and button with a spine of accent beads and surround them with textured strands for a choker worthy of Jack Sparrow.

New peyote patterns for advanced beading, and guides to peyote for beginners. There’s something here for everyone.

Do you love those gorgeous patterns for flat peyote but find yourself confused when it comes to actually reading them and stitching them up? Included is a popular Beading Daily blog about how to interpret those stitch patterns and ways to mark your place while beading.