Peyote Stitch

Peyote stitch has been around as a beadwork technique for a long, long time. Adding one bead at a time, the stitch produces a fabric of beads arranged like brick paving, one bead up and one bead down, in columns. Variations include two-drop peyote stitch, three-drop peyote stitch, sculptural peyote stitch, and freeform peyote stitch.


Peyote Stitch Instructions: Help From Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain came to the Interweave offices recently and filmed a few new videos. Creating Self-Supporting Beadwork is a great addition to Nancy’s already wonderful collection of peyote bead weaving patterns and instructions. To make it easy to get all of Nancy’s wonderful peyote instructions in one place, we created a new collection: “Creating Self-Supporting…

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How to Make a Peyote Stitch Ring

I was just looking at Cathedral Windows, an earring design by Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year team Jennifer and Susan Schwartzenberger. I was delighted at the fact that they employ one of my favorite techniques for shaping tubular peyote stitch–using graduated sizes of seed beads. Jennifer and Susan do this beautifully to bezel a…

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Artist Spotlight: Melinda Barta

I have long admired Melinda Barta. Not only for her editorial expertise but also for her beading prowess. No matter the stitch, Melinda has the perfect touch to get the beads to yield to her needle and thread, creating beautiful designs. It’s my honor to have Melinda as my first interviewee for Beading Daily. Thank…

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Odd-Count Peyote Stitch with SuperDuos

It’s the New Year! Have you made your resolutions yet? Me, either! Instead, I’m going to forego resolutions I can’t keep this year (“don’t eat potato chips”) and just concentrate on bettering myself through learning. One area I know I can always learn new things is with beading! I have quite a beading technique arsenal,…

Space themed beading projects

Out of This World Beading Projects

Anything space-related immediately reminds me of the atomic trend so popular during the midcentury. During the atomic age, people were fascinated with the idea of space travel and concerns were rising about a possible nuclear war. Both atomic science and space travel had a huge impact on architecture, interior design, television programming, fashion, theme parks,…

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Bead a SuperDuo Christmas Tree

Molly Benson, proprietor of The Bead Shop in Manchester, U.K., recently reached out to the Beading Daily staff with a holiday gift to us all: This simple SuperDuo Christmas tree design! You’ll want to try this quick and easy beadwork design to make a pair of earrings, a package decoration, or as a small ornament…