All About Pearls: 6 Free Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs

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Who can resist the amazing beauty of pearls and pearl jewelry designs? For centuries, pearl beads were reserved for royalty, gracing not only pearl necklace designs for kings and queens, but also their clothing and treasured accessories. Since then, pearls have captured the imagination of those who make handmade pearl jewelry, whether it's been a simple and classic strand of knotted pearl beads or an intricate and lavish pearl necklace design. Pearl beads can be used in simple stringing projects, but they also add a rich touch to your favorite bead-weaving stitches. Pearl beads are perfect for mixing with your favorite seed beads, gemstone beads, and crystal beads.


Now, you can capture the timeless beauty of pearl beads with Beading Daily's free eBook, packed full with gorgeous pearl jewelry designs! Inside you'll find six popular pearl bead jewelry designs that you can make with all of your favorite jewelry-making techniques. Whether you're ready to learn basic pearl knotting, you enjoy stringing pearl beads, or wish to learn off-loom bead-weaving with pearls, you're sure to find the perfect pearl beading project! Download your free eBook to get started today!


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Find Out Why Pearl Beads Are So Popular In Handmade Jewelry Designs!

This eBook of six free pearl jewelry designs is perfect for anyone who loves pearls, or anyone who wants inspiration for using more pearl beads in their handmade jewelry designs. The beautiful pearl necklace designs and pearl bracelet designs can be worn for almost any occasion! Plus, along with these free pearl jewelry designs, you'll get pages and pages of expert instruction and helpful tips. And with your free membership to the Beading Daily community, you'll have the help and support of thousands of beaders of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download all six designs and be inspired today!

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All About Pearls: 6 Free Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs

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Learn all about pearl beading, knotting and more with this free eBook.

Pearl Necklace Designs: Birdsong Spacer 10x10 pixels

Sharpen Your Pearl Knotting Skills

Birdsong by Amber Traeden


Evoke the first growth of spring by stringing vibrant, earthy colored stones between sections of exquisitely delicate pearl knotting. The handmade copper bird pendant and patinated chain add richness to the palette of nature in this strikingly modern project. Bright, earthy colors of freshwater pearls and gemstones mix effortlessly with metal chain and findings.

Pearl Necklace Designs: Amber Opulence Spacer 10x10 pixels

Pearl Necklace Designs

Amber Opulence by Terry Ricioli


This pearl necklace design combines vintage-looking metal beads with gorgeous amber colored freshwater pearls for a necklace that looks like it came straight out of your grandmother's jewelry box.

Pearl Necklace Designs: Raku Rainbow Spacer 10x10 pixels

Create Stunning Handmade Pearl Jewelry

Raku Rainbow by Diane Vannier


Look to the finish off your focal piece and find inspiration for the rest of your necklace as this jewelry designer did when she chose peacock-colored pearl beads to match her equally lustrous raku pendant.

Pearl Beading Designs: By the Sea Bracelet Spacer 10x10 pixels

Pearl Beading

By the Sea Bracelet by Riana Olckers


A beautiful pearl cabochon becomes the focal point of this spectacular bracelet. Pearlescent drops and bronze cubes create elegant peyote-stitch straps that complement a pearl cabochon encased in a lacy netted bezel. Beading pearls is easier than you think, learn how with this free project!

Pearl Jewelry Designs: Figure-Eight Bracelet Spacer 10x10 pixels

Combining Crystals and Pearl Beads

Figure-Eight Bracelet by Julie D'Amico-Beres


When time is short and you're looking for a satisfying project to finish without fuss, stitch this pearl and crystal bracelet in two-needle right-angle weave. Whether it's a wedding or a holiday party, Julie D'Amico-Beres' beautiful bracelet combines beading pearls and crystals for a classic (and classy) wrist adornment.

Pearl Jewelry Designs: Petite Pearls Toggle Bracelet Spacer 10x10 pixels

Create Stand-out Pearl Jewelry

Petite Pearls Toggle Bracelet by Csilla Csirmaz


Use this lovely beaded and pearl clasp to finish off any of your favorite projects or string it with the pearls and crystals featured here. Graduated sizes of beads worked in tubular peyote stitch form a sturdy dimensional ring. You can also use the toggle ring to create an eye-catching pendant. Embellish the toggle ring by stringing a seed-bead-and crystal center and adding pearl and crystal dangles and fringe.

Enjoy six free pearl jewelry designs - perfect for anyone who loves pearls!

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If you've never tried incorporating pearl beads into your handmade jewelry designs, this is the perfect way to get started. You'll see how easy it is to add a natural touch to your bead-weaving and stringing projects by including pearl beads or even adding pearl clasp details. Pearl necklace designs get an artistic flair from some of the newest and most beautiful shapes and colors of pearl beads available from your favorite beading supply companies. Stick pearls, pearl cabochons, and natural pearl beads can be used in so many different ways, you'll be amazed at how versatile these natural beads are!

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From using pearl beads to creating a pearl clasp, discover many things to love about pearl jewelry.

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All About Pearls: 6 Free Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs

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