Steampunk Jewelry

Steampunk jewelry takes its cues from the Victorian era, and speculates on how our world would be different if steam power had become the driving force behind our culture. Gears and watch hands are used to decorate larger pieces. Old-fashioned keys are also very popular, as are bits of antique cast-offs, such as pill cases, thread cutters and tiny knives.


Craft Show Must-Knows

We've all been to craft shows where there's that one vendor whose booth is clearly stealing the show–they've got non-stop business while most other vendors are doing crosswords, praying for the sun to go down, and scamming on the show's food stands. We all want to be that girl, the one whose booth is drowning…


8+ Ways to Combine Seed Beads and Leather

A beautiful seed bead bracelet by Linda Younkman inspired today's blog post.  I loved how she finished it with leather snap ends that match the coloring of the beads. It's hard to envision a more perfect clasp for this design.  Check out her blog Lindy's Designs for several other leather-inspired beadwoven pieces, including a herringbone…


Real Men Wear Beads – How to Bead For a Man

In all my years of doing bead-weaving, I've only ever attempted one piece of jewelry meant for a man. For me, anyway, figuring out how to bead for a man is really, really difficult! Even though a lot of my beadwork leans towards gender-neutral colors and styles, I still have a hard time picturing a…


Victorian Style Rutilated Quartz & Garnet Necklace

DESCRIPTION Garnets, January’s birthstone, are combined with rutilated quartz to make a charming, understated steampunk style necklace. Rutilated quartz is clear quartz shop with copper, giving it a slightly rustic look. Combined with garnets, that were very popular during the Victorian Era, you have the style of necklace that is consistent with the steampunk style. …


Mixed Media Jewelry With a Story

I'm at the point in my experiments with mixed media jewelry where I will never say never. If you had told me three years ago that I would love making resin jewelry pendants for my bead weaving projects I would have never believed you! But, yes, I've fallen in love with resin, and now that…


Perfect Edwardian Pearls

The Edwardian era is one of my favorite epochs in the history of jewelry design. Sandwiched between the time of Queen Victoria of England and the Roaring 20s, the Edwardian era (roughly 1901 through 1920) was characterized by social upheaval, World War I (also referred to as The Great War), and some of the greatest…