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Hmm. I guess this is the place I type my 'Bio'. I am retired from a county government job and currently work parttime for a no kill animal adoption shelter. I have been a potter/ceramicist for over 20 years. I have also started to include jewelry of my own designs with porcelain (which is NOT such a special clay as it seems to be promoted as).  I have done beading for a long time before I got into working with clay. I have done pottery since somewhere around 1978. I prefer slab building to wheel throwing and   make dinnerware that is more along an art type ware than conventional ware. Kind of like saying 'art to eat by'. 

I have made my own design of cats for a number of years. They were  my bread and butter for a long time. Lately I have started  making porcelain pendants and multi colored beads to incorporate with jewelry designs. It is one more aspect of creating and it doesn't end there. There isn't enough time in the day to do all the things I  would like to because of that, I feel I need to quit typing and get back to work on my it pottery, jewelry or any other kind that comes my way. Have a good day.