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My Bio

I love to bead, whether it is stringing beads or weaving beads, it has become a passion of mine.  There is just something about making a beautiful piece of wareable artwork.  I'm not a Novis in just a few aspects of this craft, but I'm very far from being an Expert (which I will never be), I would concider myself to be Dexterous.  There are so many stitches and techniques to continue to learn that will keep the beading adventure going on and on.  

My everyday job is in Law Enforcement. I'm a Police Communications Officer for the State Capitol Police Unit with the State Department of Public Safety, it can be a stressful job at times but being that we are a small unit it is not always that bad, or else I just have been doing it for a long time.  I have found that working with beads is the most relaxing way to unwind after a day of putting up with so many different personnalities, to put it kindly.


Information for swaps:

Necklace 18" or longer

Bracelet 7 1/2" to 8"

earrings dangle 1 1/4" to 1/12" long, wires or post, not allergic to any metals.

colors: I'm not a real girly girl but I do like pink. I tend to lean towards greens and blues.  I also like jewel tones, and earthy tones.  Metals I prefer silver or copper, but any metal will do.  

I'm not that fussy anything made with your hands and heart is perfect to me!