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I have been told (by my siblings) that as a child I would take apart my mother necklaces and then put them back together ‘my way’. The also clam I was never punished for this because my mother ‘always like them better the way I did it’. They are wrong about this…. My bum has memory of several spankings I got for getting into moms jewelry…LOL So I can say that I have always found a fascination for beads, buttons and jewelry.


When I was about 3-4 years old I was given a gallon sized pickle jar full of beads and buttons. I think my mother had begged my uncle (who gave me the jar) to give me some of his extras, just so I would stay out of her jewelry( I still have some of the enameled beads made).  I truly believe that I have buttons and beads in my blood. My Uncle Ray C. Davis was a well knowing beader and designed many designs for the loom. Creating the method of split loom weaving. My own mother was also a beader in her own right. She used her beading talent to bead on custom wedding dresses. Her grandmother had a millinery shop and used beads on many of her fancy hats of the time.


I have spent much of my beading life time in creating with beads under the business name of Pickle Jar Beads. I am also an artist in oils & canvas and a certified silver/metal smith.