My Bio

 Howdy, my name is Kirsten.  I'm married to a wonderful man named Bryan and I have four incredible children.  Grace is 12, Faith is 10, Hope is 8 and Eli is 6.  We also have a dog named Rocky, two guinea pigs Prince Pig and Whiskers, and a rat named Leelu.  We also have two betta fish.  I'm a stay at home mom.  In additon to beading I love to cook, read, and garden.  I'm a crafty person in general, the only thing I haven't gotten into is scrapbooking.  I love the outdoors and I like going on walks.  I love water in any form, beach, lake, pond, river, brook, and even the bathtub!  As long as it doesn't go on for days I even like rain.

Jewelry info...


I wear casual stuff most of the time, but I do get dressed up more for church and sometimes our date night every week.   I'm still building my jewelry collection.  Being a stay at home mom and just now coming out of the stage where it's dangerous to wear jewelry LOL, I don't have much.

I'm finding I like any kind of metal.  I used to lean towards gold, but now wear lots of silver and I really love copper, brass and others too now.  I'm up for any kind of material, crystals, glass, gemstones, resin, wood, bone, anything really.  I'm a woman of many moods and I like to match my jewelry to my mood.  So I love fun and funky jewelry that gets attention and I also like simple understated things and classy or sophisticated.  I am finding that I like things with movement, things that dangle or sway.  I don't have any metal allergies, I have so far been able to wear anything, even the cheap base metals cause no problems for me, even in ear wires!

Some stuff I have a particular fondness for - cats, butterflies, owls, hearts, things to do with water, and anything christian.  There aren't any colors I don't like.  I do like multi-colored things or mixes of one color.  I've lost a lot of weight so my wardrobe is changing, so really anything goes now.  Heck, I can even shop for clothes to match my jewelry now LOL.

***Earring info***  the only issue is that I've got big honkin ear lobes LOL.  Leverback ear wires usually squish my lobes.  Even some of the smaller fish/french hook earrings don't sit right on my ears.  But, that's always an easy fix so don't sweat it much. 

***Bracelet info***  my wrist measures 7 inches.  I don't like snug bracelets unless it's on stretchy cord so 7.5 inches is a good length. 

***Necklace info*** needs to be at least 18 inches.  I don't have many necklaces, but it seems I either wear a shorter one between 18-20 inches or a much longer one.