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My Bio

I live in Wisconsin with my husband, 2 basset hounds and 4 cats. We don't have children so the pets are our kids.  I am active in animal rescue, and  I love to play in the garden, scrapbook and make cards, and of course bead.  I don't sell my jewelry yet, have mostly done stringing and I'm trying off loom weaving now.  I also do some micro macrame but I need more practice with it.  My job to support my craft habits and the animals is database programming.  I am lucky to work for a small company with wonderful people and I love my job.  I am a  basset freak, they are such great dogs and they make me laugh all the time.  And really, how could you not love that face?

Swap info:  My favorite color is blue (all shades).  I wear a lot of browns but I like pretty much any color except bright orange (unless it's Chicago Bears stuff) or bright yellow.  My bracelet size is 8 inches (wrist is 7.5), for necklaces 18-20.