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Hi Bead World , I just love, love handmade beaded work . I got  inspired by just seeing so many different artist at the bead shows. And I get wowed every time I purchase a new bead magazine and bead books. I have been making beaded jewelry for several years. I'm self taught from bead magazines and books, etc. Started out making wire jewelry and found my love for seed beads. My biggest problem with  my self regarding making bead woven jewelry is what colors to put together. That has become a stumbling block in working. I used to try and copy whatever the designer was using, but that doesn't work when you don't have the colors. Now, I have zillions of colors and sizes and still can't get it through my head.  I have a color wheel but I guess I don't understand the concept. So , I purchase several beaded books on the topic. You see I always play it safe with color but I want to branch out. Can anybody relate to that?

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